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The Utah Mag

If you’re new to Utah, the Utah Mag is the best way to become ingrained in the culture, find unique adventures, and learn more about the West’s rich history. Moving to a new state can be stressful, but we want to welcome you into the beautiful landscape and community here in the beehive state. Writers for the Utah Mag live all across the state to give you the most accurate and up to date information on what is going on in Utah!

Our Origin Story

A woman who lived in Salt Lake City met a man who had lived in Utah for just six months. They never ran out of things to talk about as she introduced him to Utah’s adventures, events, and towns. That is how the Utah Mag was born! Our two co-founders grew their writers’ team until our blog was destination number one for people moving out West. Below are just a few of our favorite topics to cover.


We will post inspiring personal stories, informative articles, and area-specific updates on all things Utah. You’ll soon feel right at home reading riveting accounts of the adventures waiting for you in your backyard. You’ll quickly pick up on the tips and tricks of living in a naturally diverse state that only the locals know.

Lakes, mountains, deserts, and so much more await you in our wide-open spaces. Whether you like to ski, camp, climb, or take pictures, we can help you find the best routes and spots to achieve your wildest adventure fantasies!


Although many of our writers dabble in outdoor adventuring, we can also help connect you with conventions, festivals, and concerts all over the state. Utah frequently hosts incredible events, such as the Sundance Film Festival!

Attending local and internationally renowned events is a great way to meet new people in your home state! Connecting with others isn’t hard when you already have something in common.


No matter your reason for moving, Utah Mag is here to help. Our diverse landscape means there is something for everyone. Each city and town offers unique cuisine, a plethora of activities, and rich history to newcomers. For help navigating your new home and the surrounding areas, lean on us to guide you.

Your insider’s guide to the ins and outs of every Utah town awaits at Utah Mag. Finding the right place to settle down is important for starting a life somewhere new. We can help you narrow down your search while providing helpful resources in the area.

News sources today are stressful and frustrating; Take a well-deserved break from twisted media outlets by checking in on the Utah Mag. We strive to bring you a well-rounded discussion on the opportunities and challenges of living in Utah. We want our advice and experiences to help smoothly transition more people into this outdoor paradise.